Artist Statement

My perspective stirs me to explore the destruction of perfection. Perfection is predictable. Less dynamic. Less real. Less alive. Conversely, imperfection is authentic, liberating.

My intention in creating art is to invoke curiosity. I see the world through a lens of paradox. Cruel yet kind. Hideous yet beautiful. Oppressive yet liberating. Reality is and will continue to be defined by each and every individual’s lens. As an artist, my lens is always shifting, as inspiration is a wily beast, impossible to tame. I discover inspiration in the texture and feel of concrete to the contours and hidden imagery in stone and metal. The natural decay of rust. But I find nothing more intoxicating than animals. The intensity of their eyes. The intricacy of their various textures and skins. Their vibrant colors and the authenticity of their behavior. And in their authenticity, I find them hypnotic.

I also find inspiration in the possibility of humanity. Despite the fact that darkness has been rather prevalent as of late and fear and hostility has been rampant causing so many to condemn that which they don't understand, more people than ever are becoming open to understanding others' varying perspectives. When hope fades it instantly renews with the realization that humanity can and will continue to evolve.